Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Ireland

The members of the Community began to reach shores of the Emerald Isle in the mid 1970s. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Ireland formally registered itself in 1992. The members of the Community are residing in all parts of the country which has been divided into 4 regions, East, West, South West and Midlands.

At present the community has 2 centres. The head office and centre of the Community in Ireland is Galway City, where the very first Purpose built mosque of the Community has been built and named Masjid Maryam (The Mosque of Mary). It would be both Galway’s city and county’s first purpose built mosque. More details about the mosque project can be obtained from the following website (www.galway-mosque.ie). The other centre is situated in Lucan, County Dublin.

The community is blessed with the first Irish Imam by the name of Imam Ibrahim Noonan who is based in Galway. The community works hard in promoting the true and peaceful message of Islam through its interfaith peace dialogues and conferences which it organizes annually in Dublin and Galway, and has now began this practice in Omagh.

The members also participate in various volunteering activities of South Dublin County Council in particular and in Galway city as well. The members also pay regular visits to local Nursing homes wherever they reside and spend time with the elderly especially at Christmas time. The community recognizes the importance of integration and has a positive approach about it.